Top Sportartikelen mei '17

Hieronder staat een selectie van sportgerelateerde artikelen die in de maand mei 2017 zijn verschenen in de vakliteratuur en die van belang kunnen zijn voor de (top)sport. Een link wijst op een Nederlandse samenvatting.




Endurance, aerobic high-intensity, and repeated sprint cycling performance is unaffected by normobaric “Live High-Train Low”: a double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over study

Bejder J, Andersen AB, Buchardt R, Larsson TH, Olsen NV, Nordsborg NB

Eur. J. Appl. Physiol., 117: 979-988


The time dependence of the effect of ischemic preconditioning on successive sprint swimming performance

Lisbôa FD, Turnes T, Cruz RS, Raimundo JA, Pereira GS, Caputo F

J. Sci. Med. Sport, 20: 507-511


Chronic effects of superimposed electromyostimulation during cycling on aerobic and anaerobic capacity

Mathes S, Lehnen N, Link T, Bloch W, Mester J, Wahl P

Eur. J. Appl. Physiol., DOI 10.1007/s00421-017-3572-6



In-play cooling interventions for simulated match-play tennis in hot/humid conditions

Schranner D, Scherer L, Lynch GP, Korder S, Brotherhood JR, Pluim BM, Périard JD, Jay O

Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 49: 991-998


Cooling during exercise: an overlooked strategy for enhancing endurance performance in the heat 

Stevens CJ, Taylor L, Dascombe BJ

Sports Med., 47:829-841



Risk and protective factors for middle- and long-distance running-related injury

Hulme A, Nielsen RO, Timpka T, Verhagen E, Finch C

Sports Med., 47: 869–886



Effects of resistance training on performance in previously trained endurance runners: A systematic review

Alcaraz-Ibañez M, Rodríguez-Pérez M

J. Sport Sci., In Press DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2017.1326618


A review of the acute effects and long-term adaptations of single- and multi-joint exercises during resistance training

Gentil P, Fisher J, Steele J

Sports Med., 47: 843-855


Effect of plyometric training on vertical jump performance in female athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Stojanović E, Ristić V, McMaster DT, Milanović Z

Sports Med., 47: 975-986



Dispelling the myth that habitual caffeine consumption influences the performance response to acute caffeine supplementation

Gonçalves LS, Painelli VS, Yamaguchi G, de Oliveira LF, Saunders B, da Silva RP, Maciel E, Artioli GG, Roschel H, Gualano B 

J. Appl. Physiol., In Press DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.00260.2017



Biomechanical responses to changes in friction on a clay court surface

Starbuck C, Stiles V, Urà D, Carré M, Dixon S

J. Sci. Med. Sport, 20: 459-463

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